6 October 2022

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Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our community during the Day of Giving appeal last year, the College Board was able to offer a second equity scholarship to a wonderful young person who only dreamed of becoming a student at our College.

During last year’s Day of Giving appeal, our community gave over $100,000 to our equity endowment fund. Thank you for your generosity.

Every donation makes a difference.

Help us reach our goal this year, so that we can provide a scholarship now and build a corpus of funds to provide more scholarships in the future. Our long-term target is to raise enough funds over the next five years to provide six perpetual equity scholarships.

This year’s Day of Giving is on Thursday 6 October. For 12 hours, your gift will be multiplied by our matching donors, so please mark this date in your calendar so that you can make a transformational change in a young person’s life.

If you would like to be a matching donor this year or volunteer on the day, please contact the Development Office on 3555 2700 or email devoffice@citipointe.qld.edu.au

God bless.

Mrs Ruth Gravestein

Director, Cardo Foundation

Principal, Citipointe Christian College

From grateful parents

“Our son was very motivated to do his best during his time at Citipointe after receiving an academic scholarship. Knowing that the college believed in his potential encouraged him to dream bigger and aim higher. In his final year, he was able to give back as Academic Captain and with hard work was awarded an OP1.
We would love to help other students excel and so have donated to the equity scholarship fund. We believe that the fund is particularly important as it also enables students to attend Citipointe who otherwise could not afford to do so.”

Sue & Greg Harker
Past Parent and Donor

From a father’s heart

“As a Christian parent, it means everything to me, to now have my daughter attend Citipointe Christian College.”

“Through the selfless generosity of others, God answered my prayer. Because of their giving my daughter can attend a school offering so many more opportunities and resources. She is able to be surrounded and supported by people who share her faith and she is able to learn in a safe, loving environment.”

“… finding out that God paved the way for my daughter to attend Citipointe Christian College through the love of others’ giving was a milestone in my testimony.”

Citipointe Parent

Matching Donor

Matching donors play an important role in the success of this 24 hour campaign.  By acknowledging you are willing to match donations on the day up to a given amount , serves as a catalyst towards the College reaching their goal on the day.

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Volunteers can make a huge difference to the success of this 24-hour campaign.
We need volunteers to be a part of the Call Team, Administration and Social Media Team.
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For further information, or to have a confidential discussion about how you can support Citipointe Christian College through the Cardo Foundation, please contact:

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